Autistics.org is one of the oldest autistic community websites on the internet (as might be obvious from it’s URL). It was founded in 1998 or thereabouts. I ought to know: I was there on its zero day, but it was a long time ago, and at the time I did not imagine it would still exist 14 years later, let alone that I would be its sole remaining custodian.

During its peak, it was the definitive autistic site on the net. Many of the ideas that are now commonplace in the autistic community, and sometimes even in the broader community, originated at this site.

I don’t consider it truly “dead”. I consider myself the custodian of the domain and its archives until I can turn both over to a new generation of autistic self-advocates. If you have solid autistic advocacy creds (better still, if you and several friends want to take this site on, as it is a big project), skype me (username "webmuskie"; I prefer Skype text) or call me at (802) 448-2505 (you can use a relay service if necessary). I know, telephones are evil, but so too is the impossible deluge of e-mail that I get. Once I know you are trying to contact me, we can arrange some more civil, text-based, communication.

Chat with me

Anyone who wants merely to buy this domain may stick their money in a conveniently located deep, dark hole. I want all of this to stay in the community.

I can offer temporary webhosting for the autistics.org domain(s) on my VPS, though eventually it will have to go somewhere else because it eats most of my resources.

As for me, I can’t give the site what it deserves anymore. I was in my early 40s when the site was founded. I’m much older and creakier today, and I have too many websites to maintain as it is.

Help keep an important part of Autistic history online:

You can also help autistics.org in other ways. One is to sign up for the free Dropbox file storage service using this referral link. Every person who does so gives me more free space to securely store website backups.